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Title: Fiber Finally
Post by: 159th_Ajax on June 01, 2021, 04:56:40 PM
Yay!!! Fiber was finally installed Friday. TBH, I never thought I would have a good internet connection out in the boonies. But, it has arrived. I'm trying to sort out my gaming PC after cleaning off a year's worth of dust. I've run into several issues:

1. Wired network wouldn't connect. Plugged into different ports - no luck.

2. Wireless adapter was kaput. Ordered another one, hoping at least I could get online and download updates, etc. It appears I had to connect wirelessly first in order to provide credentials. Once I did that the wired lan worked fine.

Now for the DCS stuff:

3. I tried to download the latest version but DCS told me it was only compatible with Windows 8.1 or newer. Hmmm, guess I have to order and install Windows 10. Another delay.

4. Question: Is there any new DCS stuff I should buy? I think I saw a "Syrian" map mentioned here. Is it worth it?

5. It seems there is a lot of fixed wing flying in the squad lately. I'm willing to learn fixed wing, but I'll need a lot of help. I don't have the first clue about formation flying, protocols, radio chat, etc.

Hope to see you in the air soon.

Btw, today is my first day of retirement after working for (essentially) the same company for 34 years. I should have a lot more flying time and flexible hours now. Really looking forward to it.

Title: Re: Fiber Finally
Post by: 159th_Archer on June 02, 2021, 07:46:13 AM
Glad to herar you have fibre now Ajax! And congrats on the retirement.

Yeah you'll need Win10 now, SG had to get it also.

Syria is a great map, and especially for helos, it's just better everywhere over the old maps and works especially well with the new clouds. It is a little harder on machines though -I'm due an upgrade, although parts are scarce ATM with the current situation world-wide.

As for fast-movers etc. Yeah, ATM we have a bias towards those (Mako 'found' some new friends who fly when they can, mainly in western modern stuff) but I miss helos, and SG pops round when he can (he's in a similar situation that you were). A few here have the Hind oredered, so we can expect some rotary-wing action when it shows up. Of the newer AC, I don't have them all, but my fav is the AV-8b, although it has its limits (A2A esp) but I find it fun to fly. There are options with it for FOB operations although recently I haven't made any missions to accomodate that. I still prefer older gen AC myself, but flying is flying so it's all-good!
Title: Re: Fiber Finally
Post by: 159th_ShallowG on June 19, 2021, 09:11:24 AM
Ajax .. You can get Win10 for free ... but it limits what you can personalise etc. OK for me as I have a dedicated drive for w10 which i use exclusively DCS, everything else I still use W7 form a separate boot drive. Glad to hear you're wired up again. Me I'm still  waiting for a decent landline let alone BB. Salute.
Title: Re: Fiber Finally
Post by: 159th_Archer on July 14, 2021, 08:50:26 AM
How's things Ajax? Have you got yourself a Hind sorted?!

I'm having fun with it -although there are early-release issues for sure, once you know these it's a fun and testing bird to fly and fight with. It's no Ka-50 or Apache -but that's the challenge, and I'm finding it best used as it was intended usually which is fast and low, -although if using the Shturm ATGMs from a hover as I often do, you need to be fairly light normally.