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: Hind shots
: 159th_Archer June 19, 2021, 07:55:02 PM
Tried the Hind in MP mode for the first time, and discovered that there is stuff I need to find-out; -such as how to swap pilot to operator in MP mode, if that's possible?



: Re: Hind shots
: 159th_Archer July 02, 2021, 02:27:45 PM
More from the last week of some mission testing and Hind flying.

First 2 from a new mission at the FARP; upon return, having suffered many small bullet hits, a heavy landing saw the effects of repeated hits and a clunky landing take full effect. Damage model isn't complete, but it's pretty good as is.


Next show an older mission undergoing a big update (not a used mission IIRC) where Insurgents hold some hostages and are in posetion of some truck bombs. 1 pic show troops rushing to a Hip loading point at a FARP.


Last 2 show my Hind enroute to the action in an updated Clear Kveda mission suitable for Mi-24's etc.