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Helo love
« on: April 02, 2020, 07:16:35 PM »
Had an ad-hoc flight with Ajax -him in his Ka and me in a Hip, and it appears that there's been quite a bit of tweaking going on with at least these 2 machines. Aj reported a less forgiving VRS in the Ka whilst I'm finding the Mi-8 a little more forgiving at first impressions.

Both machines can suffer from over-loading the engines and thus losing generators in the case of the Hip, -you can't fling either helo around quite so enthusiastically now -but that isn't a biggie.

I found that with-out doubt, the Hip takes damage WAY better these days -I took 3 lots of hits from a BTR and that only slowly caused me issues -no more AK easy deaths (although I ain't tried engaging AK troops TBH as yet...) but the days of dying easy appear gone?!

I had trouble selecting some weapons on certain pylons for some reason -need to test out what's going-on there.

Like the Hip even more now! 8)