159th GAR Recruitment
The 159th prides itself on having a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a good sense of humour.
Hi, so you're interested in joining the Crimean Pirates are you? Read on then;

The 159th are a mad bunch but pretty dedicated. We do realise that everyone has a RW life to lead, so we don't expect a life time commitment! However we do regard the 159th very much as you might, a social club or sports club in the real world, with its administrators, rules , disciplines and commitments.

So first and foremost its important that you know what it is you want out of joining a squad and if we can deliver.
At the heart of our squad is the forum, a place of social interaction and banter.

The 159th is a multi role operational squad, flying the Su33, Su25t and the Ka50.

We now fly many DCS aircraft, not just the Russian ones.
Current recruitment directive we are inclined to favour applicants who are interested in or are currently enthusiastic Su33 , 25 or 50 flyers..

Squad nights (Sundays) see the 159th flying multi-platform missions in all weather and all seasons, but there are usually members on our dedicated Discord server most hours of the day.
We enjoy our mad forum banter but when we put on our flying suits we like to get down to business in a professional and as authentic a way as possible in our virtual world!

In the first instance - We suggest that you spend time interacting both on the 159th Dedi server and the forums with 159th members, so that you can assess that we are what you are looking for!

If then you are still interested in joining you should make a post in the appropriate section of the forums to that effect, giving some information about yourself. Thereafter a member of the Command staff will contact you to advance your application. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and are required to pass a check ride in the primary AC of their Wing choice.

If successful you would be admitted to the squad as an Officer Kadet on probation for a few months to allow you time to withdraw if you are not suited and time for us to form our opinions of you!
Thereafter you would become a full member and gain unrestricted access to all of the 159th forums, including custom skins, documents, manuals and specialized training.
Lastly, we ask all recruit candidates to have a working mic and TeamSpeak 3 up and running, with your PTT enabled.