159th Dedicated & TeamSpeak Server: Dedicated DCS all day every day
"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need it! "

The 159th Dedicated Server

Our rules on the server are:
1: Have fun !
2: Respect each other !
Respecting each other includes: NO Team-Killing (TK) (This applies to both human , ground or aircraft AI units);
3: Do not destroy your own FARP or FARP objects and land on your assigned pad (zoom your ABRIS map in all the way);
4: No client pings over 500;
5: Ensure you assign a call-sign in the options menu (don’t show up as “unknown”).
Offenders will be kicked, repeat offenders will be banned.
The 159th implements the maintainance of a comprehensive list of those who refuse to adhere to the rules. This list is available to other server administrators. Please! Its in your own interest not to take this warning lightly!
The 159th Dedi Server is maintained by voluntary donations from its members, however if you enjoy and appreciate its availability to the general DCS community and would like to help ensure its continued operation, please consider making a small donation to our server fund. Every little helps!
Overall we strive to create a fun environment where all are welcome and we hope that you enjoy it. If you have any issues, suggestions or would like to make a donation to the server upkeep please contact the CO or any member of the command staff on these forums.
The 159th Team Speak 3 Server:
In support of the 159th Dedi-Server and attendant 159th Squad and Public Operational Flights, the 159th Guards Aviation Regiment utilises a Teamspeak server to facilitate communications, with up to 50 clients catered for.
Dedicated Squad Channels are passworded, with the remainder utilised for Public Missions and arranged in structured RedFor and BlueFor rooms for ease of Comms whilst inflight.
Good communications is essential for a successful sortie so do not hesitate to utilise this server whilst operating on our DCS dedicated BlackShark Server.
Login details as follows:
Server Address:
User Password: jacksparrow